Colourful is in our name, in our DNA and its is the essence of who we are.

Inspired by the streets of Amsterdam we strive to create powerful and distinctive pieces with a modern cut and attention to today's needs. To be worn day and night.

We offer a unique range of bold and colourful key pieces and ready-to-wear styles for everyday occasions. To keep our customer triggered we aim to offer newness and fresh trends on a frequent basi


Although Colourful Rebel started as an online magazine with no set goal, it soon took off resulting in hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Creating the perfect platform to launch a fashion brand. We were lucky enough that the sales of our first designs far exceeded our expectations, creating the possibility to further expand the brand. Therefore we had to scale very rapidly into a bigger office, bigger team, etc.

Fast forward, we supply over 200 doors in Europe, have a team of very motivated highly skilled professionals and are on the verge of expanding into Europe.


Our journey started in a student apartment in the west of Amsterdam. This is where we transformed our apartment into a small warehouse.
And then you guys discovered Colourful Rebel and liked it... We had the chance to move into a bigger apartment. The ground floor became our warehouse where we packed all the orders and the first floor was our office. We grew so fast that within a year we outgrew this apartment as well and moved to our office in the city centre.

We rented two floors and within little over one year this office also became way too small. Samples, stock and other random stuff filled our office and it was time to move on. We were offered our current office and put our heart and soul into the renovation, and after blood, sweat and tears we feel that our office turned out perfect!

Our office truly reflects who we are: perfectionists, rebels and caregivers. We enjoy the good things in life, we love to hang out with our friends and take care of them. In the end Colourful Rebel is more than just fashion. Colourful Rebel is a mentality, a way of life, we like to get the most out of life, but we are just as happy to give back to those around us.

We want to inspire to do whatever they want to do. Live free from social pressure, rules and expectations. Travel when you are young, meet people from all over the world and connect. Find yourself before you find a job. Colourful Rebel is that inspiration point, so grab our hand because we know a thing or two about making a shitload of fun!

We strive to create a society in which freedom and happiness are defined in terms of true freedom: freedom without obligations. A society in which people can develop and express themselves in all aspects of how they really are, in which they dare to show themselves. A society with fewer needs and musts and more cans and mays. With true freedom as an individual, but at the same time also looking out for one another, so with responsibility. Therefore we honor those who dare to rebel, who dare to be themselves in all aspects and who dare to show themselves in all aspects.